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Helro Molecular Diamond Bonded, MDB ®, Multi V rib tools grind significantly longer, cooler, and faster than electroplated grind wheels. Our MDB ® diamond grinding wheels Reduce tooling costs, Improve production process and Increase production rates.

Helro Corporation has over 30 years of global experience providing solutions to the multi v belt manufacturing industry. Our Multi V Diamond grinding wheels produce precision ground belts for a wide range of belt sizes and constructions. Our experience includes grinding tensile cord materials of aramid, nylon, or polyester and EPDM rib materials with fiber loading of aramid, nylon, cotton, or polyester. We work with manufactures to optimize your belt profile, cord finish, and fiber exposure to produce products that exceed your customers’ expectations.

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Product Specs

  • Reduce costs
    • 2X longer tool life than electroplated wheels
  • Increase production
    • Greater diamond exposure for faster grinding
  • Improve processes
    • Optimize fiber exposure and belt profiles
  • Reduce maintenance
    • MDB® design improves removal and reduces cleaning

Excellence Exceeding Expectations