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Helro Corporation has over 40 years of experience providing honing solutions to the gear manufacturing industry. Gear hones are available in Tungsten Carbide or with our unique MDB ® Diamond abrasive coatings. Helro gear hones operate on your existing honing or shaving equipment to correct distortion caused during heat treat of gears. Our gear hones can reduce noise in gear assemblies by improving oil retention, and eliminating nicks and burrs that occur in the manufacturing process. Our engineering team can help design a hone for your application or recondition your existing hard hones. The Helro Tungsten Carbide and MDB ® Diamond coatings are compatible with many existing honing tool substrates.

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Product Specs

  • Reduce Costs
    • 2X Longer Tool Life than electroplated hones
  • Correct Heat Treat Distortion
    • Correct up to .001″ of lead distortion
  • Improve Processes
    • Eliminate Burrs and nicks from teeth
  • Reduce Gear Noise
    • Honed Gear teeth improves oil retention

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