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Pulse Jet® Clean In Place System for Grinding Operations

The Pulse Jet® tool cleaning system significantly reduces or eliminates the need to remove a tool from your machine for cleaning. Our Pulse Jet® system is a clean in place system that decreases production downtime; improves process efficiency; and reduces inventory needed to replace tools when removed from production for cleaning.

The Pulse Jet® system targets the grind wheel with a blast of high-pressure air to remove grinding debris from the wheels surface while it is in production. The system uses a high-pressure, high-volume air nozzle designed for maximum impact to clean the wheel in place during grinding operations. A microprocessor-based control adjusts the rate of cleaning for maximum efficiency. The controller operates a reverse pulse valve that sends a blast of air toward the grinding wheel to keep it clean while it grinds your products. The controller optimizes tool cleaning while reducing air consumption compared to previous cleaning designs.
Contact us to discuss designing a Pulse Jet®, patent pending, cleaning system to improve your operations.

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Product Specs

  • Improve Processes
    • Continuous cleaning optimizes grinding efficiency
  • Reduce downtime costs
    • Pulse Jet® Clean in-place technology keeps production running
  • Increase production
    • Increase feed rates when tools are kept clean
  • Reduce maintenance
    • Pulse Jet® cleaning during grinding operations

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