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Helro Insert Profile Tools reduce belt profile cutting tool costs 40%, tooling inventory 50%, logistics costs 90%, and delivery lead times from 6 weeks to 2 weeks. Our Insert Profile tools utilize a patented design to attach the insert to the cutter body that allows two uses per insert. This design creates the ability to remove the worn inserts, flip the insert and reinstall it for a second use.

If you are still using carbide tipped profile saws, known as flycutters or piranha tools in your belt manufacturing process, consider contacting Helro Corporation to design an Insert Profile Tooling system for your production needs.

Helro Corporation has over 10 years of experience designing Insert Profile Tool solutions for the multi v belt manufacturing industry. Our Insert Profile tools produce precision cut belts for a wide range of belt sizes and constructions including tensile cord materials of aramid, nylon, or polyester and EPDM rib materials with fiber loading of aramid, nylon, cotton, or polyester. We work to optimize your belt profile, cord finish, and fiber exposure to produce products that exceed your customers’ expectations.

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Product Specs

  • Reduce Tool Costs 40%
    • Insert design with two cutting edges
  • Reduce inventory 50%
    • Helro insert profile cutter cuts inventory in half
  • Reduce global logistic costs 90%
    • Reduced shipping weight by 85% – number of shipments by 50%
  • Reduce delivery times 300%
    • Lead times cut from 6 weeks to 2 weeks
    • Helro ships reconditioned insert sets the same day you ship the used insert set
  • Increase production
    • Decrease downtime by remove / flip / reinstall second insert
  • Improve processes
    • Optimize fiber exposure, cord finish and belt profiles

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