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First organized near Detroit in the 1960’s under the name Helro Tool & Machine Company, the company manufactured tungsten carbide tooling to grind the white sidewall and tread uniformity of tires.


Jerry and Norma Russell purchased the company in the early 1980’s, and today Helro Corporation is a third generation family-owned manufacturer that still operates in the greater Detroit area. In the mid 1990’s, Helro engineers developed a process to manufacture diamond grinding wheels.

Our unique Molecular Diamond Bond, MDB ®, allows customers to grind rubber cooler and faster, which improved our customers’ productivity and bottom line. Other designs and patents include an innovative Power Transmission Belt Profile; Surface Coating Treatment of Grind Wheels; Hybrid Cutting / Grinding Tool; and the Inserted Profile Cutter.

original-helroOur most recent development is the Pulse Jet ® Tool Cleaning System, patent pending. The Pulse Jet® tool cleaning system reduces or eliminates of the need to remove a tool from your machine for cleaning. Our engineers are constantly looking for ways to solve our customers’ problems and improve product and productivity.

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